Our Mission

SBEP is dedicated to restoring the region’s most important natural asset – Sarasota Bay. The program strives to improve water quality, increase habitat, and enhance the area’s natural resources for the use and enjoyment by the public. Since 1989, SBEP and its partners have had a vision of Sarasota Bay with clear waters, healthy habitat, abundant wildlife, and a growing community enjoying the Bay’s resources and recreation.

Sarasota Bay is a 56-mile long coastal lagoon comprised of one large bay segment (Big Sarasota Bay) and several smaller embayments including Palma Sola Bay in the north and a series of three embayments (Roberts Bay, Little Sarasota Bay, and Blackburn Bay) to the south. The Bay has four inlets or passes (Venice Inlet, Big Sarasota Pass, New Pass and Longboat Pass).

Bays and Tributaries Map

The Sarasota Bay watershed also features a number of creeks and streams that direct water runoff from throughout the larger watershed area. The primary tributaries are Palma Sola Creek, Bowlees Creek, Whitaker Bayou, Hudson Bayou, Phillippi Creek, Catfish Creek, North Creek, and South Creek.

Current Bay Conditions

The USF Water Atlas interactive map tool provides information about ecologically sensitive areas and resources. Visit the following link to see water quality and seagrass data for Sarasota Bay, Palma Sola Bay, Roberts Bay, Little Sarasota Bay and Blackburn Bay. Visitors can use the search function on the right side of the page to access specific locations within the bay and the larger watershed. Explore the Water Atlas Advanced Mapping Tool.