Sarasota Bay Estuary Program

Our Work

The Sarasota Bay Estuary Program is an intergovernmental partnership that strives to increase habitat and improve water quality in Sarasota Bay and enhance the area's natural resources for public benefit.

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Habitat Restoration
Water Quality
Public Stewardship

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Our Work By the Numbers

Acres of wetlands restored since 1988
Volunteer hours donated since 2010
$ billion
Sarasota Bay's value to nearby counties
Seagrass habitat recovery since 1988

Bay Conditions

Sarasota and Manatee Counties partner with the University of South Florida Water Institute to compile data and reports on surface water bodies in Southwest Florida. The Water Atlas is designed to provide citizens, scientists, professionals, and planners with comprehensive and current water quality, hydrologic, and ecological data, as well as information about recreational opportunities and a library of scientific and educational materials on water resource issues.