State of the Bay

State of Sarasota Bay Reports

The Sarasota Bay Estuary Program produces a comprehensive report on the health of Sarasota Bay every five years called the State of the Bay. Each State of the Bay report contains information about progress made toward each of the SBEP's goals in wastewater and stormwater treatment, wetlands restoration, fisheries enhancement, and stewardship.







The Sarasota County Water Atlas and Manatee County Water Atlas are libraries of water quality data and analysis with up-to-date information on Bay and tributary water quality trends.

Comprehensive annual reports are released annually for the bays and tributaries in the Sarasota Bay watershed.

The Sarasota Bay Estuary Program is dedicated to restoring the area's greatest natural asset - Sarasota Bay. We offer special thanks to our partners: Sarasota County, Manatee County, City of Sarasota, City of Bradenton, Town of Longboat Key, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Southwest Florida Water Management District.