Teacher Development Workshops

SBEP sponsors professional development workshops for K-12 teachers in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. The full-day workshops are offered three times a year by Sandra L. Gilchrist, Ph.D., Professor of Biology at New College of Florida. The focus of the workshops is to improve teaching skills and the understanding of science while empowering teachers to use modern techniques and pedagogy. Recent workshops have covered data visualization, quantitative literacy, and digital tools.

Workshops run a full-day on Saturdays, thereby offering teachers the opportunity to earn continuing education credits.

Contact us for more information about the workshops.

Curriculum for 2018-2019 Teacher Workshops:

Workshop I: Coasts and People

Campus and Bay walk to illustrate how to use the school yard for field trips

Low Impact Development Practices

Impacts of Sea Level Rise on coastal plants

Chemistry of Fresh and Salt water marshes

Pets and Pollution

Nature Journaling

Networking and grants

Workshop II: Living on the Edge

Beach plants - natives and invaders

Stormwater control - rain barrels, swales, and surfaces

Harmful Algal Blooms - nutrient enhancement and health issues

Biomimetics from marine organisms  designing for the future

Networking and grants

Workshop III: Healthy Bay

Tides and currents - includes use of buoy data and robotics

Creating and using apps in the classroom

Plankton and microbes - Includes experiments with pollutants and microplastics


Networking and grants