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Sarasota Bay: A Living Laboratory

SBEP is dedicated to facilitating Bay exploration in the classroom and beyond. Our education curriculum and field trips provide hands-on, inquiry-based lessons focused on general scientific concepts and the application of those concepts to issues affecting Sarasota Bay.

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Protection, Involvement, Education, and Restoration

The SBEP funds tens of field trips throughout the Sarasota Bay watershed for Sarasota-Manatee K-12 classrooms every year. Students attending PIER field trips engage in hands-on activities such as water sampling, water quality testing, conservation games, and plant and animal identification skills.

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Science teacher training workshops are offered three times a year by Sandra L. Gilchrist, Ph.D., Professor of Biology at New College of Florida. Teachers from all grade levels are encouraged to attend the workshops, which focus on improving teaching skills and the understanding of science. The full-day workshops are offered on Saturdays. Teachers may earn continuing education credits for attending.

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Tech Kits that bring technology and nature into your classroom are available for loan from the SBEP office in downtown Sarasota. A Tech Kit is a suitcase full of equipment and standards-based classroom activities focused on Bay-related topics, including Scrub Diversity, Orienteering (with GPS and Compass), Estuary Exploration, and Low Impact Development (LID).