Sarasota Bay with tributaries


Sarasota Bay: The Voyage To Paradise ReclaimedSBEP works with its partners, allied organizations and the scientific community to conduct research regarding the environmental health of Sarasota Bay. These ongoing efforts support the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP).

Current research includes mapping and trend analysis of valuable seagrass habitats and the causes, effects and ecological impact of macroalgal blooms. In 2009, in cooperation with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Institute, SBEP started a fisheries independent monitoring program to learn more about the diversity and use of the Bay by various fish species.

The SBEP Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meets regularly to review and update research priorities. The TAC evaluates and approves all project proposals for scientific and technical merit, and helps to monitor progress.  When projects are completed, and final reports reviewed and accepted, they are made available to the scientific community and public.