2015 Media Releases

2015 Media Releases

12-14-15   SBEP Volunteers Fill 800 Bags of Fossilized Oyster Shells

11-24-15   SBEP Announces Ninth Annual Bay Wise Kayak Tour Season

11-20-15 SBEP and TBEP to Bag Oysters at Robinson Preserve

11-9-15 102 SBEP Bay Guardians Enhance Bioswale with 900 Native Plants

10-30-15 SBEP Bay Guardians to Complete Project at Celery Fields

10-22-15   SSA Donates $5,000 to SBEP to Support Artificial Reef Program

10-15-15  Bay Guardians to Enhance Bioswale at Celery Fields November 7

10-12-15  Bay Guardians Plant 750 Native Plants at Grassy Point Preserve

10-6-15  New College Completes Program with Support from SBEP Grant

9-29-15  Bay Guardians to Plant Native Plants at Grassy Point Preserve

8-28-15 SBEP Reminds Residents to Hold the Fertilizer

7-13-15  SBEP Power Point Presentation Available

7-9-15    PIER Education Program Engages 1,266 Students

6-29-15   Media Release – Hold the Fertilizer

6-25-15  Sarasota Bay Today Announces Interviews with Fox, Tanner, and Moore

6-23-15  SBEP Bay Guardians Complete Volunteer Project on Siesta Key

6-22-15  SBEP Awards Eight Bay Partner Grants to Local Organizations

5-21-15  Fertilizer Ordinace in Sarasota County June through September

5-19-15  Sarasota Bay Today Interviews Dr. Michael Crosby and Craig Bridges

4-29-15  SBEP To Present Blue Dolphin Award this Saturday

4-28-15  SBEP Bay Guardians Complete Project at Phillippi Park

4-14-15  SBEP Bay Guardians at Phillippi Park 4-18

4-2-15  SBEP Bay Guardians Complete Project at Bowlees Creek Island

3-25-15  SBEP Announces Two Blue Dolphin Award Winners

3-12-15  SBEP Bay Guardian Volunteers to Visit Bowlees Creek

2-26-15  SBEP Offers Free Bay Wise Kayak Tours in March and April

2-24-15  SBEP Bay Guardians Complete Project at Robinson Preserve

2-17-15  SBEP Bay Guardians at Robinson Preserve February 21

2-16-15  SBEP Bay Guardians Complete Project at North Water Tower Park

2-3-15  Media Invite – SBEP Bay Guardian Volunteers at North Water Tower Park

1-26-15  Three Year Restoration, Stormwater Improvement and Environmental Eduation Project in Sarasota

1-13-15  SBEP Bay Guardian Volunteer Event at North Water Tower Park