2013 Media Releases

12-20-13  Bay Guardians to Remove Air Potato Vine from Arlington Park

12-10-13  Bay Partner Grant Applications Due March 3

12-6-13  Upcoming Baywise Kayak Tours

11-19-13  SBEP Bay Guardians Wins Award with Keep Sarasota County Beautiful

11-6-13  Bay Wise Kayak Tours 2013-2014

10-8-13  Toast the Coast Photo Contest Winner

9-30-13  Bay Guardians at North Water Tower Park Oct 19

9-20-13  Toast the Coast on National Estuaries Day Sept 28

9-5-13  Florida House Project Supported by Bay Partner Grant

8-7-13  Living Shoreline Project at Bay Front Park

8-5-13  SBWF Welcomes More Exhibitors

7-31-13  SBEP Reminds Residents Not to Dump Medications Into the Drain

7-15-13  Water Festival Seeks New Teams for Dragon Boat Races

7-11-13  Reminder to Hold the Fertilizer Through September

7-2-13  SBWF Seeks Vintage Boats

6-25-13  Tech Kits Through the EdExplore Next Grant

6-24-13  SBEP Deploys Habitat Modules on Local Reefs

6-11-13  I Love Sarasota Bay Photo Contest

6-7-13 SBEP to Host Urban Planner Andres Duany June 18-19

6-5-13 SBEP to Deploy New Reef Modules on Artificial Reefs

5-31-13  SBEP Announces Recipients of 2013 Bay Partners Grant Program

5-29-13  Chasing the Waves King Tide Photo Exhibit

5-16-13  High Five Seeks Local Teams for Dragon Boat Races at Water Festival

5-14-13  Reminder to Hold the Fertilizer in the Summer Months

5-7-13  Bay Guardians Complete Project at Perico Preserve May 4

5-2-13  Sherri Swanson of Sarasota Joins the SBEP CAC

5-1-13  SBEP Presents Blue Dolphin Award to Denise and Don Elliott

4-24-13  SBEP Announces 2013 Blue Dolphin Awards

4-17-13  Bay Guardian to Perico Preserve May 4

4-16-13  Water Festival Announces I Love Sarasota Bay Photo Contest

4-15-13  Reminder About Not Fertilizing in Summer Months

4-9-13  Bay Guardians Complete Project at Bowlees Creek Island

4-1-13  Announcing 2013 Sarasota Bay Water Festival

3-21-13  Sunbow Bay Condo Association Completes Bay Partner Grant Project

3-18-13  Bay Guardians to Bowlees Creek Island April 6

3-14-13  Final Two Bay Wise Kayak Tours Set for April

3-13-13  Regional NEPs Gulf Ecosystem Plan Approved

3-12-13  Bay Guardians Complete Project at Jiggs Landing

3-6-13  SBEP Reminds Residents Go Slow on Fertilizing

2-28-13  Bay Guardians Project set for Jiggs Landing

2-26-13  Bay Guardians Complete Volunteer Project at Sarasota Bay Walk Creek

2-19-13  SBEP Launches Tidal Creek Study

2-13-13  Final Bay Wise Kayak Tours

2-12-13  Final Call for Bay Partner Grant Applications

2-8-13  Bay Guardian Outing Set for Baywalk Creek

2-6-13  CAC Approves Four New Members

1-29-13  SBEP Receives EdExplore Next Grant for PIER Education

1-28-13  SBEP Offers Teachers Online Resources

1-15-13  SBEP Announces Six Free Guided Kayak Trips

1-11-13  SBEP Seeks New Members for Citizens Advisory Committee

1-7-13  SBEP Accepting Applications for Bay Partner Grants