Water Quality

2020 Hudson Bayou Restoration Sediment Sump Location

Hudson Bayou Restoration Awarded APWA Project of the Year

June 2, 2020

In January 2020, Sarasota County, with partners SBEP, City of Sarasota, and the Sarasota County School Board, and funding partner Southwest Florida Water Management District completed the Hudson Bayou In-Stream Restoration and Water Quality Improvements project. This initiative integrated multiple habitat and water quality improvement features into two main canals of Hudson Bayou located at…

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Nate Brennan Mote And Crew Samplng Phillippi Creek Biology And Nutrients

SBEP Study Contributes to Regional Understanding of Tidal Creeks

January 28, 2020

The Sarasota Bay Estuary Program recently completed its second regional study on tidal creek nutrient dynamics. Both studies were funded through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 4 Wetlands Program Development Grant program. The first study resulted in the development of a nutrient management framework for southwest Florida tidal creeks. This follow-up study focused on:…

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A body of water and clouds

Air quality is water quality

October 16, 2019

When you run into a traffic jam, you probably think first about how you’ll be late to wherever it is you’re trying to go. Maybe next you think about the excess air pollution and smog coming from that traffic jam. Then, perhaps, you think about carbon dioxide emissions fueling global climate change. As if all…

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Three papers clipped together

Water Quality Assessment and Strategy RFQ

August 30, 2019

SBEP has released a new Request for Qualifications (RFQ) #19-50BK, Water Quality Assessment and Strategy, through the City of Sarasota Purchasing Division. The Scope of Services for this RFQ is available from Demandstar by calling (800) 711-1712 or by accessing demandstar.com. Responses are due to the City of Sarasota Purchasing Division on 10/1/2019. Questions regarding…

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Cyanobacterium bloom at Blackburn Point Park.

Warm Temperatures Bring Cyanobacteria Blooms to Sarasota Bay

July 3, 2019

It’s hard not to notice some strange stuff surfacing in many areas around our bays this summer. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Algae Bloom Monitoring and Response team identified Lyngbya majuscula, a type of cyanobacterium, in many bays between Anna Maria Island and Venice in May and June. Many of those blooms are still…

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Stormwater Pollution Graphic Drawing showing stormwater pollution sources

8 ways to reduce personal nutrient pollution

August 17, 2018

With red tide impacting life along the shores of Sarasota Bay, it’s crucial to know what each of us can do to be more Florida-Friendly. Here’s a list of 8 things you can do to reduce personal nitrogen pollution: 1) Be Floridian – Fertilize responsibly. Fertilizer containing can contribute excess nitrogen pollution to local waterways when…

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Satellite image of a hurricane east of Florida

How Do Hurricanes Impact Estuaries?

October 31, 2017

Hurricanes and large storm events can bring extreme change and devastation to coastal habitats, like estuaries. Although damage varies greatly depending on the characteristics of the storm, below are some common ways estuaries are impacted: Estuary – A partly enclosed coastal body of water in which river water is mixed with seawater. More Water Hurricanes bring a lot…

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