Volunteer Opportunities

snorkelers at the Seagrass survey

Contribute To Local Science

May 27, 2020

Looking for something to do around your yard or neighborhood over the next couple of weeks? Consider becoming a full fledged citizen scientist! All you need is a phone, your peepers, and the desire to discover. What is Citizen Science? Although the term citizen science is relatively new, amateur scientists and hobbyists have been observing…

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Volunteers in a line in water

Volunteer for the Bays in 2020!

November 25, 2019

The Sarasota Bay Guardians volunteer program engages people of all ages in ongoing efforts to restore Sarasota Bay. Sarasota Bay Guardians volunteers have donated thousands of hours to support the SBEP’s mission since 2010. Join us for a volunteer workday in spring 2020! Saturday, January 18: Palmer Point Park Invasive Exotic Plant Roundup Register on…

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Volunteers in water placing bags of shell

National Estuaries Week: Join Us for Oyster Reef Restoration Sept 21

August 22, 2019

September 14th – 21st marks the 31st National Estuaries Week highlighting the importance of estuaries and bays around the country. Estuaries are vibrant nurseries that provide food and shelter for small fish and other marine creatures. These unique ecosystems clean our air and water, protect us from storms, support our favorite recreational pastimes, and drive…

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