Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) provides technical peer review and input to SBEP for various projects and programs. TAC members include local and regional environmental managers and researchers who are familiar with the Sarasota Bay estuarine system. The TAC initiates technical studies, assists SBEP with restoration and management plans, and reviews projects recommended by the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) and other groups.

Current SBEP TAC Members

Presented in alphabetical order

  • Chris Anastasiou, SWFWMD
  • Corey Anderson, FWC
  • Greg Blanchard, Manatee County
  • Nathan Brennan, Mote Marine Laboratory
  • Rob Brown, Manatee County
  • Angela Collins, Florida Sea Grant Manatee County
  • Wendy Conn, VHB
  • Jim Culter, Mote Marine Laboratory
  • Kathleen Davis, Manatee County
  • Ashlee Edwards, Sarasota County
  • Randy Edwards
  • Lizanne Garcia, SWFWMD
  • Emily Hall, Mote Marine Laboratory
  • Susan Hochuli, City of Bradenton
  • Ed Hughes, CSA
  • Tony Janicki, Janicki Environmental, Inc.
  • Kris Kaufman, NOAA (TAC Co-Chair)
  • Ari Nissanka, Mote Marine Laboratory
  • Candie Pedersen, City of Sarasota
  • Thomas Ries, ESA
  • John Ryan, Sarasota County
  • Justin Saarinen, ESA
  • Ryan Schloesser, Mote Marine Laboratory
  • Meagan Schrandt, FWRI
  • Christine Sciarrino, ESA
  • Paul Semenec, Sarasota County
  • Jennifer Shafer, Shafer Consulting
  • Mark Sramek, NOAA
  • Sherri Swanson, HDR
  • Dave Tomasko, ESA
  • Armando Ubeda, Florida Sea Grant Sarasota County
  • Mike Wessel, Janicki Environmental, Inc.
  • Amber Whittle, Florida Aquarium (TAC Co-Chair)