Blue Dolphin Awards

The Sarasota Bay Estuary Program (SBEP) Blue Dolphin Awards Program, launched in 2012, recognizes individuals and organizations that have gone above and beyond to improve the health of Sarasota Bay. Through their actions and dedication, these recipients are local champions of Sarasota Bay, demonstrating environmental leadership in the community. Prior winners have included educators, scientists, natural resource managers, nonprofit groups, schools, and local citizens doing work that benefits Sarasota Bay.

Nominations for the 2020 Blue Dolphin Awards will be open May 1, 2020.

Past Recipients

Since 1989, the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program, in partnership with local counties, municipalities, and state and federal agencies, has been taking steps to protect and restore Sarasota Bay. As a small organization, SBEP relies on partners and volunteers to help forward its mission. The recipients of the Blue Dolphin Awards are an integral part of local sustainability and protection efforts. We are grateful for the care and commitment so many people have for our natural places and communities and proudly commend all prior Blue Dolphin Awardees:

Charles Edwards

Service as a long-term volunteer and member of the SBEP Citizens Advisory Committee.

Mark Alderson with Charles & Lois Edwards
Charles and Lois Edwards with Mark Alderson (center)

Jack Merriam

Career as an environmental manager and advocacy for low impact development.

Jon Thaxton with Jack Merriam
Jack Merriam (right) with Jon Thaxton

Martha B. King Middle School

Active student participation and support for SBEP volunteer events.

King Middle School accepting award
Robin Hardy of Martha B. King Middle School (right) with Marianne Barnebey

Raindrop Cisterns

Education and products for rainwater harvesting and water storage.

Jack Burden And Lynn Larson Raindrop Cisterns
Jack Burden (Raindrop Cisterns) and Lynn Larson

Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch

Education and protection for nesting sea turtles, shorebirds, and their habitats.

Suzy Fox and Michael Gallen
AMI Turtle Watch's Suzi Fox with Michael Gallen

Sean Russel

Creation of Stow It Don't Throw It Project non-profit and Mote Youth Ocean Conservation Summit.

Blue Dolphin Award winner 2014 Sean Russel
Sean Russel with Kim Bassos-Hull (left)

Don and Denise Elliot

Installation of a Bay-friendly demonstration garden at the Sunbow Bay Condominiums.

Don And Denise Elliot
Don & Denise Elliot (center) with Mark Alderson and Sara Kane

Lee Fox

Management of the bird hospital at Save Our Seabirds Wild Bird Learning Center.

Lee Fox with MArker Alderson and Sara Kane
Lee Fox (center) with Mark Alderson and Sara Kane

Sherri Swanson

Support of the Sarasota Bay Water Festival & service on SBEP Citizens Advisory Committee.

Sherri Swanson
Sherri Swanson

Scott and Virginia Lloyd-Jones

Volunteer service with SBEP and other community programs that support area parks and preserves.

Scott Virginia Lloyd-Jones
Scott and Virginia Lloyd-Jones

Distinguished Service

  • Chris Warn
  • Tommy Vaughn-Birch