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Science at SBEP: SBEP Updates its Five-Year Habitat Restoration Plan

Science at SBEP

Cortez Bird RookerySBEP Updates its Five-Year Habitat Restoration Plan

The SBEP has updated the Program’s five-year habitat restoration plan, which prioritizes more than 20 sites throughout the Sarasota Bay watershed. The SBEP and its Wetlands Coordinator Scheda Ecological Associates evaluated potential restoration sites by examining various logistical and ecological factors, including proximity of the sites to natural habitat, potential supportive habitat to fisheries, stormwater improvement potential, cost, feasibility, public interest, and funding potential. The sites chosen represent ecological and geographic diversity across the Sarasota Bay watershed and include the completion of coastal habitat at North and South Lido Beach and FISH Preserve, several estuarine island projects including Bayshore Island, Braden River Islands, and Cortez bird rookery, freshwater projects, and intertidal projects supporting oysters and reefs. Read the full plan here.

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