Bay Guardian Volunteers

Bay Guardians at North Lido Beach Park

A group of 55 SBEP Bay Guardian volunteers planted 500 native plants and removed small exotic Australian pines at North Lido Beach Park on Saturday. The group included 20 middle school students from the Duke University Talent Identification Program, a marine biology summer camp focused on estuaries and marshes. Bay Guardian volunteers planted more than 2,000 plants last year at the same site. The plants going into the ground Saturday were donated by the American Littoral Society and Sarasota County.The tidal tributary project at North Lido Beach Park was completed in March 2011. The restoration effort improved 30 acres on the 70 acre site. It included the removal of non-native vegetation, excavation of the tidal wetland, contouring the upland area, creating dunes, and planting thousands of native plants. The tidal wetland was created to provide essential habitat for estuarine dependent fish species. Florida Native Nursery planted more than 8,000 at the site last spring. Photos by Sara Kane.

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