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Girl Scouts Complete Environmental Project at Camp Honi Hanta

Twenty Girl Scouts with support from adult volunteers planted 475 plants at Camp Honi Hanta. The 130-acre Girl Scout Camp is located on the shores of the Braden River in Manatee County. The project involved removing an old concrete seawall and restoring the shoreline to a more natural habitat. The Girl Scouts did the planting after the seawall was removed by heavy equipment. Plants were selected to help prevent future erosion and attract wildlife that can support future environmental study. SBEP provided funding support for the project. Florida Native Nursery in Plant City donated the plants. Diane Rosensweig with Scheda Ecological provided consulting support. Russ Hoffman with Beautiful Ponds organized the project. Environmental preservation and education is an integral part of the Girl Scout experience locally and nationally. The photos by Diane Rosensweig show before and after images.

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