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Mote Marine’s Internship Program Completes Study

Mote Marine Laboratory’s High School Internship Program used a SBEP Bay Partners Grant to collect baseline data in the New Pass Estuary. Students sampled local seagrass beds; measuring seagrass height, animal biodiversity and water quality. Students used dip nets, buckets and aerators to collect marine animals. With the use of new field guides, they were able to identify the individual species and record their findings. The data collected from the seagrass assessment can now be compared against future samples to monitor changes in the health of the estuary. The seagrass assessment project also included a public outreach element. The interns shared their findings with parents, staff, volunteers and the general public during an oral presentation held at Mote Marine Laboratory’s Immersion Cinema. Click here to learn more about the SBEP Bay Partners Grant Program.

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