Sarasota Bay with Ringling Bridge

Sarasota Bay

Intercoastal - Amanda Dominguez

Sarasota Bay is a coastal lagoon formed by a necklace of barrier islands to the west and the mainland of Manatee and Sarasota Counties to the east. This coastal lagoon, with its unique embayments, tidal tributaries, small creeks, coves, inlets, and passes, is bounded by Anna Maria Sound to the north and the area just north of Venice Inlet to the south.

Sarasota Bay, like any coastal habitat, is shaped by environmental conditions – physical and biological. Altering these conditions such as changing salinity or introducing a non-native species can have an adverse impact on the entire ecosystem. This in turn can affect aquatic life, local or seasonal bird populations or other wildlife. Everything in the Bay ecosystem depends on favorable and improving environmental conditions. Water quality and the restoration of habitat are essential to the vitality and balance of the estuary system. A healthy Bay provides shelter for wildlife, helps attract residents and tourists for important economic value, and enhances local quality of life on many levels.

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